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User Agreement

Using and browsing our site, “Snap Bay”, you agree to follow and be bound by our general disclaimer, terms and conditions and privacy policy. These administer Snap Bay’s rules with the user in relation to our site.
Snap Bay refers to the “us” owners of the site who govern our users and viewers.
General Disclaimer
Snap Bay provides advertisements for listed items by third-parties and does not govern these items. In no circumstance will Snap Bay be held responsible for any loss or damage items without limitation, in anyway arising through untoward calamities, damages or any loss of data linked to the use of SnapBay.com.au.
We don’t guarantee any kind of warranties or representations in any way about the accuracy, realness, suitability, availability of the product with respect to our site or the information of the products, services and other product related information. Any listings placed in Snap Bay are bound by sole information directed from the user’s responsibility.
SnapBay focuses on Australian residents only, identified by their network IP addresses. It is in Snapbay’s best interest that you feel comfortable and be aware of who you interact with.
It is our responsibility to keep the website running quick and user-friendly. However, Snap Bay will not be liable for and responsible for any website maintenance temporarily due to technical errors beyond our capacity.

Terms and Conditions

The use of SnapBay is governed by the following terms of use:
– SnapBay does not provide any sort of guarantee regarding the completeness, accuracy, details, availability of the products and services listed on Snapbay.com.au in anyway. You agree that some product information and details may be inaccurate and we hold no responsibility for any misrepresentations according to law.
– Your personal information and usage of this site is at your own responsibility for SnapBay is exlucded from being liable in any form or anyway. It is the user’s responsibility that the products and services listed on the site are correct and true that meet the site’s requirements.
– This website contains details which are strictly owned by Snapbay. This is certified and licensed by Snapbay which include and are not limited to the appearance, design, layout, graphics and website information. Reproduction of any websites materials are strictly prohibited according to copy right notice that appears on these terms and conditions.
– Snapbay.com.au includes links for user’s enhance experience from time to time. These links does not mean endorse such website(s) and we have no liability regards to the content linked to our site.
– As a seller, you agree to Snapbay’s seller guidelines and conditions.

Privacy Policy

Snap Bay assures every user that their information is protected and not distributed in anyway. In the event we ask you to provide some personal information when using Snapbay.com.au, you can be assured that your details are in accordance to the site’s privacy statement. Outside users and ads that are placed outside Australia are automatically flagged without notification or refund in any way. Users and ads placed are reviewed by our quality assurance team that sends out notifications to you.
We ask you personal information of your identity like your name, email address, postcode, and city and state, for our process of registration and listing purposes. This information aims to optimize the usage of SnapBay. Your location like your postcode, city and state, help Snap Bay users to find your items.
From time to time we may send promotional emails regarding special offers, new listings or other information we may think necessary to your email address you have given us. Upon registration or listing process on Snap Bay, you will receive confirmation emails and status from us, or receive emails from other users who are interested from your items listed.
It’s our utmost responsibility to look after your information. This is to prevent unauthorised access or dissemination of information in which we have place electronic security to prevent hacking and cybercrime activities from happening.
All registered users which include unique IP addresses, ad listings, ad enquiries and ad messages are documented for safe keeping, This information may be provided if there are any investigations or questions by law enforcement for any suspicious, illegal activities or court proceedings on SnapBay.com.au.